Women these days often buy designer bags with their own money to reward themselves for working hard, celebrating or for saving up pretty well. Some women do it for collections and addictions. If you’re a fashion addict and a follower especially for famous ones, you will surely recognize one. And one of it is Hermes.

The French manufacturer of Hermes has been around since 1837. Now, their bags are known as glamorous, iconic high style, wealth and success.There bags have the most firm style that it’ll last for a long time. Hermes bags are just one of the top branded and most popular designer bags. I bet a lot of women happen to buy something expensive like this.


Hermes Birkin Bags

Hermes Kelly Bags

Hermes Herbag Zip Bag

Hermes Kelly Lakis Bag

Hermes HAC Bags

Hermes Massai Cut Bag (32, 40)

Hermes Bolide Bag

Hermes Double Sens Bag

Hermes Plume Bag

Hermes Virevolte Bag

So, here are the top reasons why Hermes Bags are worth the splurge.

Hermes bags have the best materials, so do the designers and artisans that is why it cost more. But of course, it’s not also just about designs and styles; it’s the quality and price that are pretty firmly correlated. So therefore, the money that you save and the hard work you encountered are worth it for the Hermes bags have the best design and quality.

If you are willing to lower your standard in bags, you might regret it sooner for not buying the bag you always wanted.

The other reason maybe is the Hermes bag that you have seen and been eyeing before that cost $600 – $700, now are much more expensive but certainly the quality was a bit enhanced and improved.

When you walk outside or carry something like Hermes bag, it will cause attention to people, especially for ladies. They’ll think you have a good taste, you have a good job to afford expensive bag like Hermes, successful and you think first about quality.

Owning an expensive Hermes bag can really make you feel good. It’ll improve your mood. You’ll be proud for yourself for having such bag.

Every one of us has some kind of hobby, something like expensive ones. Some would buy car, motorcycle, watches, gadgets, jewelry, or wine. Most of the people will satisfy their self for their own good. Handbags, like Hermes is maybe just your thing.