After a decade of no relevance in the high-end fashion world, Ugg boots are back. Is the question that did the boots ever go away? Not really. They have been seen on and off for the past few years. The brand’s seasonal range has indeed garnered more and more attention and the present year has marked the comeback of Ugg boots.

Famous fashion designer, Niu Yun, looked incredibly stylish in December 2012. The cozy coat looks perfect with a furry collar and the Ugg shoes. The sheepskin element looks great on her.
ALWAYS, try not to wear socks or tights with the shoes, and do pair a ripped denim material beneath. Perhaps a ponytail will go with the chic look, and a bright lipstick will look well overall.

Not only are the shoes suitable for winter usage, but the sheepskin boots are also perfect for summer as well! Need a picture that proves it?

This Australian bread sheepskin shoe has been well established from as early as in the 2000s and made headlines when Paris Hilton wore her Juicy Couture tracksuit.

Since 2013, the number of people that prefer to wear Ugg shoes has increased from 4% in the United States has grown by 11 % per year. The demand for the shoes has improved tremendously and has tripled in the past three years.
Ugg sales have boosted by around 6% from June to December, with the comparison to the sales of the previous year. The average retail price for one pair of the classic silhouette is from $155-$195, and this increasing sales confirm its popularity.
Perhaps the winter season has increased the popularity, and Ugg boots are superb at keeping our feet warm and cozy. The fashion crowd has accepted the trend of wearing the shoes back, in the high-end fashion world.

The Australian brand has made the headline of all U.S. high-end media reporting channels ten years back and is on a constant up rise today. Ugg is gaining popularity among celebrities such as Kate Moss, and Sienna Miller. Moms and teens across the globe are adapting to the reemerged popularity.

Uggs are perfect to pair with outfits that are to be paired with ankle boots. Ugg boots are back and hot than ever!

The image above is that of Blake Lively back in 2011, on the sets of Gossip Girl. This was her pre-baby phase and the warm pair of shoes do justice to the beautiful actress, and creating a friendly atmosphere for the feet.

If estimating and voting polls are to be considered, we are up for a hot winter.

What are your views? Are you planning on buying the very next Uggs you lay your hands on? If yes, let us know!