Though it is important to have plain-colored classic pieces at bay, it is equally important to have clothes with beautiful prints and patterns. As too much of a plain color can be boring, it is important how to dress up using patterns that can brighten you up and help you showcase your personality.

Prints have been a trend over several seasons. The right print and style worn on the right occasion can help anyone stand out. Aside from wearing something fun, whimsical and quirky, these printed dresses can be a break from the usual black, white or gray.

What are the possible choices then? See below:

We want these dresses to help us express who we really are. Prints are perfect in showing what interests us, the patterns that we like and prefer. It can be an effective extension of our individuality. In the fast evolving fashion world, we want dresses that effortlessly exude femininity and elegance, and they can be found not just in plain dresses, but in the unexpected beauty of prints as well.