For every show-goer, Karl Lagerfeld made everyone happy by giving all the guests the front row seat in the fashion show. There was no Chanel airport, or branded supermarket, or a giant melting iceberg. 3000 gilded chairs were arranged in fixed set of rows at the Grand Palais, and models weaved through the 600-meter runway, which took a whopping eight n half minutes to walk through, roughly equivalent to the amount of time it took from the very beginning to the end.

There was a feeling of a couture salon, and this was entirely the manner in which Madame Chanel would have exhibited her newest clothes in Atelier, in her 50s. Between Chanel’s couture and Saint Laurent’s couture show, that was presented without music, and the looks arrived with numbers, the designers have a feeling of nostalgic-ness. The nostalgic-ness stands strong due to the level of debate surrounding the current fashion’s shoe schedule and format.

The Chanel jacket/coats were seen on the front row by Pharrell Williams, who sat on the front row. The coat caught his eyes, and the gold Chanel buttons were not a thing to miss. This was Chanel’s innovation for the newer generation and the winter 2016 collection.

From the quilted jacket that we saw on Gigi Hadid, to the padded leather hoody we witnessed Kendall Jenner wear, the utility luxury at the fore was perhaps less lady like. Kendal and Gigi were the biggest showstoppers present at the moment and left the best for the last. The best pals seemed to be very comfortable among one another.

There were trench coats, and shooting jackets, that rendered wearable in denim, and sweater dresses. A 2-finger peace sign also appeared in Chanel’s fashion show, and the black leather crisscross lacing was another idea that had traveled many collections this new season. The appearance on the coats and jackets in the Chanel fashion was seen too, and there was the same pattern seen on the waistlines of the ballerina-length lace dresses.

There were teen bride-styled tiered tulle baby dolls with black ribbon bows, which matched the black crisscross fashion. In addition, everything was stuffed with padded boater hats, pearl necklaces-multi-stranded, in addition to a lot more elements were seen at the occasion.

To conclude, the entire list was delightful for the viewer, and there were many attracting factors to captivate new-generation Chanel customers.