You may have seen that fluffy thing hanging in those expensive bags, or those quirky and one-of-a-kind jewelry or accessories, and it surely not just made you happy but made you want one as well. Accessories are a sure way to stand out, especially if they are matched perfectly with your bag, your shoes or with what you are wearing. Having these cute and quirky items are sure mood boosters which can help you feel better. With the right charm and accessories on hand, you can turn the simplest of outfits into something fashionable.

See below and drool over their cuteness:

1. Coach – The Metal Rexy Bag Charm, yes it can be weirdly cute, but it is still cute. Would be like a mini- pet that you can bring on any road trip.
2. Louis Vuitton – Bubble Duo Bag Charm and Key Holder – adorable cute in its bubble shape, and comes with bi-color shades, lovely!
3. Fendi – look at that trying-to-be-scary face, cute to have this one guarding your bag.
4. Prada – the cute little robot to accompany you on your daily adventure
5. Dolce & Gabanna – clip on earrings that are really uniquely styled
6. Burberry – the regimental Thomas bear charm. Now this can really make you sigh as you take in the cuteness of this little bear.

These charms and accessories are perfect gift ideas, as these are sure ways of helping someone express themselves or be unique in their style. Aside from being eye-catchers, these items are fun ways of glamming up. And their cuteness will be a sure way to be keep you happy through the day. These will help you express your style and who you are. And it is such a great feeling if we find something that can be extensions of what we feel or what we like Simply put, something that can relate itself back to us.
It is true then, that at some point, we find ourselves spending more on accessories. But it’s alright, as they help you out express who you are and rightfully so if it makes us happy then why not?