Take it from the fashion icon Audrey Hepburn when she said “Paris is always a good idea.” With all the great architecture, fascinating art museums, good food and great wine, I can think of a thousand reasons to love Paris and stay there forever. It is a haven for the art enthusiasts, wine connoisseurs, and fashion mavens who take their art, food, wine, and style seriously.

They say every week in Paris is like fashion week. Labeled as the fashion capital of Europe, if not the world, stylish men and women always look snazzy and put together even when just buying pastries from the neighborhood bakeshop, or doing their groceries at the nearby supermarket. Fashion is taken seriously by the Parisians and Parisiennes alike. Quite possibly, it has already become their way of life.

If you are in search for high end fashion, Paris is the perfect place for such. Allow me to take you on a virtual tour as we visit the high end districts in search for a different kind of love- the tangible kind.

First Stop: Rue St. Honoré

Rue St. Honoré is one of the high-end fashion avenues in the city. It extends to the Rue Faubourg St. Honoré where the bigwigs in the fashion industry are. Once can indulge in a shopping spree from different brands such as Versace, Hermes, Prada, Lanvin, Gucci, and Michael Kors, to name a few. Beware, though, because well-dressed thieves also frequent the area, looking to rob affluent tourists off their money, cameras, or phones.

Prada Store, parisperfect.com

Second Stop: Avenue Montaigne

The only street that could rival Rue St. Honoré is nestled in between Champs Elysées and the Alma Marceau Station. This is where Christian Dior’s first shop is located, as well as other high fashion brands such as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Celine, Louis Vuitton, Prada and a whole lot more. You can also find big names in the luxury jewelry industry here namely Bulgari and Henry Winston, although more high end jewelry stores await you in Place Vendôme.

Third Stop: Avenue des Champs Elysées

A Paris must-see, this iconic two-kilometer stretch is a symbol of Paris. Here you can find luxury brands like Mont Blanc, Ferrari, and Guerlain. This beautiful avenue is also home to different flagship stores such as Louis Vuitton, Banana Republic, Abercrombie, the make-up giant Sephora.

Last Stop: Place Vendôme

Dubbed as the Epicenter of High Fashion, Vendôme is home to most of the finest names in high-end jewelry. It boasts of classic facades and historic street lights that simply exude elegance especially at night- a beautiful attraction to the tourists and the shoppers as well.

One of the oldest jewelry stores founded way back in 1858, Boucheron, is located here along with other fine brands such as Cartier, Chopard, and Van Cleef & Arpels. These brands, along with the newcomers Chanel and Louis Vuitton, offer only the first-class jewelries and accessories you can find in the whole city of Paris.