Parties and festivals are what make this season bright. Everywhere is a party place and what makes a party a problem?

A single mistake of wearing an unpopular or unattractive outfit will definitely ruin your whole night. So choose the right ones with the right curves and the right colors.
Of course, no one goes wrong with a mini black dress at parties. It will not only hide the unwanted flab, it will also make you glow at night, literally. Below are the best mini black party dresses you can wear to be the star of the party. With a little help from some of the right accessories surely you will never get out of place in every party you get to attend.

1. Chanel Little Black Sequin Chain Cocktail Dress:-
With a pair of pearl teardrop earrings, this dress will make you the talk of the town at the parties. Attendees will never get enough talking with you and about you. This dress is part of Chanel’s Spring 2008 collections. Any shades of white or black stilettoes will do the complete trick.

2. LBD Sophia Dress (

This elegantly crocheted lace dress gives the wearer an image of exquisiteness. Accessorized with a pair of diamond earrings, nobody will ever forget you when you get to a party wearing this. This is part of LBD’s little black dress collection. With a right measurement of heels of sandals, this party dress will make you an unforgettable guest.

3. Balenciaga haute couture black dress, circa 1965
This sleeveless mini black dress is suited best for those with flattering arms. It enhances one’s physique and makes the wearer looks svelte and sexy. Augmented with a simple heart pendant gold necklace, this one surely makes oohs and ahhs oozing at the parties. High heeled sandals or a pair of black or white stilettoes will surely complete the looks.

4. Louis Vuitton Double Stretch Wool Ruffle Dress (

An asymmetrical sleeveless black dress can’t get anything wrong! The wearer becomes sexier is an understatement. Accessorized with a pair of tiny diamond earrings and crimson red lips, becoming the star of the party will not be far off. The looks will be complete with red high-heeled sandals.

5. 1960’s Haute Couture Scherrer Strapless Black and White Tulle Dress (

This white gardenia-dotted haute couture by Jean Louis Scherrer can be a conversation-opener in any party. Besides, you don’t need to talk about it, people will talk about you because you exude with beauty and elegance. Matched with a pearl necklace and a vintage clutch, you are perfect. To complete the outfit, pair it with white high-heeled strappy sandals.

6. Tom Ford Black Silk Evening Dress With Matching Cape

From Tom Ford’s Autumn-Winter 2012 collection, this black silk evening dress will never put you down. Right dress for this season, it has a cape to double as your protector against cold aside from giving you a chic look. No need for many accessories, you can pull this dress off by wearing red stilettoes with matching red clutch.