The debut collection from Balenciaga’s fall collection seemed to be a perfect mix of all the elements that are needed in stylish and high-end clothing. The fashion shows the debuted earlier this week case within a huge bang.

The walls within the large television on Sunday created a large number of voices/soundtracks, and the soundtrack was moving, and the air within the aural counterpoint to the 2016’s autumn and winter collection.

The Georgian-born designer’s intelligence struck our eye. Balenciaga, in the 1950s, taught women how to walk, keep the head high, greyhound steps, the clothes in architecture that circle the human body. The fashion style in the 21st century is inevitably different and is a period of post-liberation now.

The Balenciaga show that took place, in a dis-abandoned French television station. The fist model that walked the ramp meant business. The curving suit jacket, the high-heeled stride was mandatory for the type selected.

After Demna had been asked towards to first show, the question as to what was the most Balenciaga was asked. The answer was the architecture and structuring was Balenciaga and the choice of garments that made contributed tremendously.

Perhaps developing an attitude for the clothes was what contained the essence of these garments. The attitude was constructed, into the garments themselves. The attitude, however, was the key element in the designs, and to have to keep the posture in line with the silhouette was necessary when wearing the garments.

Gvasalia’s ability is to translate and capture the essence of Balenciaga’s couture and to confirm it into the ready-to-wear collection without causing tarnish to the essence. We could see that the entire season has cast a shadow. The tailoring immediately pushed the shoulders back and featured the hips in a forewords direction. The back was kept at an excellent posture too.


The kick pleat skirts were shoving the body to the front. The classic sportswear pieces were, in turn, changed into the couture trope, in which the portrait neckline, the parkas, puffas, trenches, anoraks, pulled back the shoulders and this had resulted in the highlighting of the sternum.

The behest surprise of the show was the carefully planned floral prints, the fresh and apron like femininity, and the smart summing up of the sweetness that is seen the shows, and never outside the shows.

The collection aimed to be both successful and fearless, yet there were a few elements of sudden thrust that raised the shoulders, and that looked a bit forced. All in all, lots of effort was put in.