This is the season of glitters. From shoes to wardrobes, everything seems shimmering and glittering. But overdoing the glitters will make you look like a flickering light in the night. However, there are some tricks that will make glitter a fashion must-have during this season of glitters.
Some wardrobes are best partnered with shimmering makeups while other makeups are better with glittering getup. That’s right! Some things are made to enhance or accentuate other things, sometimes.

For starter, I’m very biased with sparkling jewels. These pieces of jewelry do not always make you look lovely and elegant. Sometimes, the wrong usage of any piece of it will make you look like an over-accessorized scarecrow. So better watch out on what to use and what not to use.

Small diamond earrings

– This piece of art should only be worn when your getup is already highly-accessorized like this one.

Or if your wardrobe has a matching cape for a more alluring look.


Large golden bangles

This accessory highlights the very delicate huge part of a woman, her arms. For rookies, wearing an accessory something like this is a no-no if you have plump arms. Furthermore, wearing this while donning a full-sleeved dress or gown is a no-brainer as well. However, it’s Grecian-inspired gowns like this that makes this accessory helpful and attractive.

Large golden chain or clustered diamond necklace

There are instances when these kinds of accessories are acceptable. Formal parties are one of the examples of the occasion where youcan wear something like this. If you want to be a crowd-drawer, using this with the right outfit will surely hit the mark. So try wearing large gold chain necklace when you are donning a very low neckline or better yet strapless gown to draw the guests’ eyes to where your asset is.

Shimmering makeup and eyeshadows

This fashion makeup is not only a trend but it also is something that is called for this season. However, sometimes this kind of makeup will only do with the right outfit. Usually, this makeup accentuates emerald green gowns or simple yet elegant little black dress like this.


Glittering fashion dresses and gowns

– Not all type and size of women are “allowed” to wear this type of fashion. This kind of dresses enhances the petite and svelte frame of a woman. But there are also cuts and designs that make this type of dresses or gowns that accentuate the form of a plump lady.

Sparkly, strappy sandals and stilettoes.

Glittering fashion is not complete without sandals and stilettoes. Some of them are best used when they are simple yet elegant. But when the time calls, these kind of foot coverings are the best option to use. Glittering strappy high-heeled sandals are best worn when you are donning a flowing yet having a long cut in front and long-neckline gown.

Whereas the faux diamond-encrusted stilettoes are best suited when you are wearing a little dress, black or red.