Every girl’s closet box has a little black dress secret! The versatility, practicality, and flexibility of where it can be used are widely known among women. May it be just for a casual day to a glamorous event, that little black dress can save you from rushing into finding an outfit. It is important then that the LBD exudes elegance and a classic feel to it so that it can last many seasons without being outdated.

Several top fashion luxury brands have a collection of these LBDs that you will surely love. It is best to invest in this fashionable piece as they can really come in handy. Having them ready in your closet can help you should there be an unexpected event you have to go to, or a sudden meet up with friends, a business meeting, and even on that dreaded blind dates.

This classic piece will shout simplicity but will help you exude a sophisticated elegance.

See below for some beautiful collection:

1. Victoria Beckham – distributed from Harrods online store, this fitted dress will surely flatter those sexy curves, such timeless dress.
2. Dolce & Gabbana – the lace sheath dress that can be worn on many occasions, very simple yet elegant.
3. Armani – distributed by Nordstrom online store, this is the example of a classic dress with the classic cut.

These choices will help you pick the possible styles that will suit you best. Comfort may be a big factor as you would want a room to move freely while being you. Cost may also be a factor, but investing in the luxury brand will be a good call as these pieces usually last long while still having a good quality.

4. Coach – from their collection of ready-to-wear, this star stud embellished dress will bring out the unique chic in anyone
5. Versace – the asymmetric black dress giving an additional edge to your style
6. Coach – the little leather black dress for the rock star style.

Be ready to update your little black dress collection. This holiday, you deserve to have that gift for yourself.