Celebrating your birthday is one of the most special things you could give to yourself. Most people make it festive in different ways such as having a themed party, a family gathering with a cake and ice cream and some just like to do some things like dining in a fancy restaurant and of course if you have the budget, shopping. The joy of shopping on a regular basis for necessity is already considered a reward for most, especially to women. How much more if you are going to do this all to and for yourself? How much more if you are going to do it on your special day like a total celebrity? Burberry understands this. The luxury brand giant has just launched a marketing campaign which will benefit their long-term patriots making shopping more enjoyable and exciting especially to new clients.

Burberry is one of the leading luxury consumer brands that cater elite fashion accessories, bags, fragrances and sunglasses and is very popular in Europe and is currently expanding worldwide. This brand has become popular for its minimalistic, preppy and chic styles although it started with pattern-based trench coats, scarves and outdoor attire. It moved up to high fashion when it started dressing notable celebrities and took Hollywood by storm.

The said luxury fashion brand is expanding its clientele services by aiding its elite customers in organizing birthday parties, art galleries and even private dinners. Burberry executive claims that these efforts are made to make clients more comfortable in coming back to their stores and eventually spend more. Some of the private client associates go beyond from developing personal relationships to making product decisions based on clients’ favorite activities. Take for example Naoko Kawachi who received a complimentary all-expense-paid-trip to the London Fashion Show because she is a valued customer at Burberry Omotesando Branch where she spends time for a chat and champagne even at times where she’s not even buying anything.

This new program was launched due to Burberry’s attempt to recover this year’s massive loss as a result of throwing money by opening lots of stores worldwide especially in China which obviously didn’t have much return for the company. This phenomena in the fashion world though is not isolated to Burberry. A lot of fashion giants went into some sort of store-opening spree in Asia and the demands for luxury items were overlooked and a lot of terror attacks have affected sales.

Birthdays spent in Burberry shops will surely be a blast and a fun way for the elites and fashion enthusiasts who can afford it. Tangible and well thought of gifts are a delight to anyone especially birthdays only happen once a year. You may not be a fan of it but things like this will dazzle your mom, sister ,your significant other and even your daughter if budget is not an issue to you and you wanted to give a very special present to a special someone. Feeling like you want to experience an elusive kind of birthday party and ran out ideas to celebrate it? Shopping in luxury shops like Burberry will make you feel very special.